Logic question help needed

Helllo ! This is from TSA 2021 set. The answer is D but I couldn’t figure out it. Please help me solve this question. Thank you in advance.

A signal transmitter transmits a message in binary form. (In other words, the message is coded in ‘bits’. Each bit is represented either by the digit ‘1’ or by the digit ‘0’.)

To add an element of security, the signal is embedded within other random bits (so that there are other 1s and 0s before and after the message), creating a 26-bit transmission.

A particular 12-bit message is transmitted as follows:


The same message is transmitted again, as follows:


What is the 12-bit message contained within these two transmissions?

A 001010011000

B 001111011100

C 010011000100

D 101110010100

E 111101110010


since the same message is encoded twice, the middle 12 bit section should remain constant while the beginning and end will vary

011000 - 101110010100 - 11000100

1010100111 - 101110010100 - 0101

So the coded message is 101110010100 option D)


Thanks Juliette! I see it now.