Logic Solving_(Math)


I broke down the problem like this:
We have 1/3 chance of picking R Y or B
at its simplest form we can pick one candy out of RRR YYY BBB
in the unluckiest scenario that we don’t pick three of the same colour we must have chosen RR YY BB
Now in the jar we have R Y and B left in the same ratio
So whichever colour we pick next we can be sure to form a triplet of the same colour
The answer is 6 + 1 = 7 candies

Hope this helps!

I am lost on this one to be honest…lol

R(20) Y(20) B(20)
The ratio is easy obviously, but couldn’t I theoretically pick 10 yellows in a row…this question makes no sense to me - because theoretically there are 20 candles of each color so you may actually pick 10+ straight of the same color which means you would have to keep picking…It is realistic, no - but possible.

I see what you mean, this question is very confusing, i think my logic might be flawed
But in your example if you would have picked 10 yellow candies in a row then you picked more than three of the same colour, which satisfies the question

You are definitely not flawed, I see what it is asking now - sorry sometimes these logic questions take me a minute. It asks for the minimum to have all three. Kind of an odd question.

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Hah yes logic questions take forever to solve! Definitely a challenging question!