Logical reasoning Question

Seven years ago, a man was six times older than his son. Today, the father’s age is a quarter of the square of the son’s age. Knowing that the father is now over thirty years old, what is the sum of their ages today?

A) 35
B) 44
C) 63
D) none of the previous answers are correct

Hi everyone,
i tried approaching this question with a two system equation, but i can’t solve
The answer is C)

Hey! It feels like some details are missing from the question to determine the exact age.

That must be the case, thank you anyways!

Let father’s age be x and son’s age be y
x = 1/4 y2

7 yrs ago

x -7= 6( y -7)
1/4 y2-7 = 6y - 42
1/4y2 = 6y - 42 + 7
1/4 y2 = 6y - 35
1/4 y2-6y+35 = 0
y2 - 24y+ 140 = 0
y= 10 or y =14

Father is now over thirty years old, so son’s age cannot be 10, it can be 14

x = 1/4 y2
x + y = 63

Amazing! thank you so much!!!