Logical reasoning question

Hello! I am having a hard time with this question. The answer is C and I couldn’t figure it out. I’d appreciate any help solving this question. Thank you in advance.

A combination lock has three dials, each dial has eight letters. It is known that the following combinations have been used - one, who, two, bob, add, owl, fab, den, mia and tat.

Which one of the following words is not possible to use on this combination lock?

A win
B deb
C hat
D men
E bad


we don’t know what letters are on each dial, but looking at the known combinations we can deduce that dial 1 has the letters w b a o f d m t ( by looking at the first letter of every word)
dial 2 has the letters n h o d w e i a
dial 3 has the letters e o d l b n a t

dial 1 has no letter h so we cannot make the word hat

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