Logical reasoning qusetion

Hi. This is logic question. I tried to solve it
But I cannot understand why the answer is d.
Please help me to solve this, thank you so much

Hi :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding correctly, we can calculate that Martha has:

1x 100 banknote (€100 counted so far)
1x 50 banknote (€150 counted so far)
2x 20 banknote (€150 + 20 + 20 = €190 so far)
1x 5 banknote (€195 total)

So Martha has 2x 20 euro banknotes in total, making the answer 2 :slight_smile:

Note that it’s possible for Martha to also have 3x 50 banknotes instead of 1 of 100 and 1 of 50, but this is not relevant to the answer because no matter what she has 2 20 banknotes.

Hope this makes sense!


thank you for your kind reply