Logical reasoning

Summer temperatures in the United Kingdom are expected to rise by up to 5 degrees celsius, on average, within the next 50 years. That’s according to recent research conducted by the Met Office, which looked at a range of scenarios involving low, medium, and high term emission rates. If emission rates continued at their current level, then areas on average might expect anywhere from a 0.9 to 5.4 degrees Celsius increase. The research has led both to huge concern from environmental groups, who point to the research as damning proof that we need to act now to stop climate change, and condemnation from other parties, who believe it emphasises a worst case scenario only.
Which of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above argument?

A. Climate change is a real phenomenon than can no longer be ignored.
B. We must act now to stop climate change.
C. Summer temperatures in the UK are expected to rise dramatically due to climate pollution, news of which has caused heated reactions.
D. Environmental groups believe we need to act immediately to combat climate change.
E. Some parts of the population believe that the research is scaremongering.

Hey Ibraheem!

The answer should be C, because it restates the main message in the first sentence and includes the “heated” reaction from environmental groups and the other parties (in the second part of the paragraph).