Logical reasoning

Tim set off at 10 am local time but shortly afterwards he realised he had left his ticket at home.
As a result he missed his 4 hour flight to Oklahoma, so had to get the 12 pm (midday) flight
Jerry travelled by train for 2 hours to Salt Lake City (Mountain Time Zone), leaving
San Francisco at 6 am local time. He then immediately boarded a bus from Salt Lake City to
Oklahoma, where he arrived 6 hours later.
Which one of the following is true?

A Jerry arrived in Oklahoma 3 hours before Tim.
B Jerry arrived in Oklahoma 1 hour before Tim.
C Jerry and Tim both arrived in Oklahoma at the same time.
D Tim arrived in Oklahoma 1 hour before Jerry.
E Tim arrived in Oklahoma 3 hours before Jerry.


Tim arrives at 4pm
Jerry arrives at 2pm + ONE HOUR because he switched time zones

we would not have a question like this on the exam, or at least the difference between mountain time zone and central time zone would be explained to us, as this extra needed info is unfair to non american students

(answer is B)