Math question from bmat

The answer is C) but idk how to do it


total height of boys:
x/21=160 so x=160 * 21=3360
total height of girls:
X/9=150 so x=150 * 9=1350

new mean = (1350 + 3360 + 165)/(21+9+1)=157,2


Hey @Aung_Htet_Thar ! Do you mind editing your titles to specify the exam year section and question numbers?

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I am doing those from bmat ninja, where they don’t have the specific year for the question. That’s why I couldn’t specify those, my apologies.

If I remember correctly you can click “info” somewhere and it will show you the number and year they took it from

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Ohh is that so, I didn’t know that XD
Thanks, next time I will try to upload it with specific exam year!!

Hello @AriHoresh I couldn’t find the “info” button :((