Math Question! Q54 IMAT 2020


Does anybody know how to solve Q54 from the IMAT 2020 past paper? Could anyone explain the way they solve it to me?

Thank you so much in advance!

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In order to find the turning points first we need to calculate/find the derivative of y and equalizing it to zero which will give us the X coordinate of the T.P.
4Xtp + 5 =0
Xtp = -5/4.

substituting this value in the given Quadratic equation where (x=xtp).
y= 2(-5/4)^2 + 5(-5/4) -2
on solving
Thus the coordinates are (-5/4, -41/8) answer is B.
A summary PDF is made on this topic under maths section and there are also several practice problems you can check it out to make it further clear.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! You made it very clear!

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