Math transformations

In the diagram below, the triangles are congruent, PQ is a continuation of NL and both L and P are equidistant from the line X = 0 and from the line Y = 0.

Of the transformations (1 to 5) described below, which one of the combinations (A to E) will map the triangle LMN onto the triangle PQR?

1 Reflection in the line y = 0
2 Rotation of 90o about the origin
3 Reflection in the line y = x
4 Reflection in the line x = 0
5 Rotation of 180o about the origin

A 1 followed by 2
B 3 followed by 4
C 5 followed by 4
D 2 followed by 5
E 4 followed by 5

Hey Idk why but I keep getting 3 followed by 1 although the answer is D. What am I missing here?


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