Mathematics question solving

Can anyone solve it? My answer is -2 which is wrong.


here is my solution, please include the right answer so i know if my solution can help

But if we multiply 2x2x2x2 the answer is 16 in this way we can cancel exponent 4?
The answer on that website is the following

That’s another way of solving, but i found the same answer as your website,
2 * ⁴square root -1 is the same as 2 * ²square root -1

Be careful with the notation of the answer, 4 is the index of the root, not the exponent of 2

Why can’t it be solved like this?

hm your solution seems to make sense, i don’t know why it can’t be correct

but here is a good explanation video:

by writing the answer as 2 * ⁴square root -1 we can get around this issue

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