Maths/Physics Books

Hey everyone! What Maths/Physics books do you recommend? I read on an older post that Ari recommended to use the books from high school, however I finished high school 4 years ago and I don’t have the books anymore. So any recommendations you have will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey! If you study from scratch again, I suggest checking out this book OpenStax it’s completely free! Start with introductory Algebra first!

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Hey! Thank you! I don’t start from scratch for maths, I actually have a pretty good knowledge on maths (I’m more looking on a book that I can practice from so I can get used with it again - I was thinking of working the bmat 700 maths section?) On the other hand I don’t have much knowledge of physics, like very very little basics so I would like to start from scratch with Physics. Any advice on books or websites? Thank you😊

This would be great for physics OpenStax
I wouldn’t use the past BMAT so early. Maybe keep them for a bit later, near the IMAT itself.

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Thank you for the recommendation and advice! :blush: