Mendel's experiment


  1. Why the self pollination of F1 should give “five” different shades of flower colour?
  2. Where did 1:4:6:4:1 come from?

I think the ratios differ because it’s a case of polygenic inheritance and they are considering more than 2 traits at a time.
one such case is skin color in humans where more than two genes(precisely 3) are considered at a time then the phenotypic ratio differ significantly from the usual 9:3:3:1 and humans of different shades are produced particularly divided into three categories the Dark skin colored, the light ones and the intermediate mulatos.
that’s why i think certain shades are possible for the F2 as well the ratios differ it depends entirly on the cross.
Hope it helps.
please correct me if i’m wrong.


Thank you!
But don’t we need to memorize this exact experiment as one of the mendel’s experiments?
Because the exact cross is not mentioned in the text.

i’m not completely clear but i think IMAT will not test us beyond Dihybrid cross especially those involving 3 genes.

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