Minor applying for IMAT/Italian Study Visa

I would be 17 when I’ll be graduating from High School. Will I be eligible to sit in IMAT and apply for Student Visa for studying in Italy, being a minor…(considering, I don’t take a drop year between High School Graduation and Exam)

Hey! As far as I know, the minimum age to take the exam and start the course is 17 in Italy, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I have a classmate who joined the first year when he was 17.

Just to add something. I had some classmates that were 17 when they started and it did create a little extra paperwork with the administration (because you are not of legal age technically in Italy) and probably more involvement from your parents/guardians but I do not think it is an issue. I didn’t hear from those students that it was more difficult than normal.

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Hey! So I actually have the same issue, and @ColeF1 is accurate it will just take more work. You will need to appoint a legal “guarantor” who acts as your guardian there, for legal paperwork etc.

The admission to the course won’t be the issue, it’s just a bit of trouble with the Visa, scholarships, documents etc.

I recommend reaching out to the Italian Embassy in your country, they’ll guide you from there.