Modal Temperature

Hi, can someone help me with this question? The answer is C but I don’t know how to find the hours elapsed at a given temperature.

The data in the table below shows how the temperature of a room changes from 7am - 6pm.

What is the modal temperature of the room?

A. 18°C
B. 19°C
C. 20°C
D. 21°C
E. null


Every temperature:
7am - 17 degrees
8am - 17
9am - 18
10am - 18
11am - 19
12am - 20
1pm - 20
2pm - 21
3pm - 20
4pm - 20
5pm - 20
6pm - 18

The mode is the most common value which is 20 degrés

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How did you get the temperature at a time that doesn’t appear in the table?

Because the table only shows values when there is a change in temperature
Since there is no value for 4pm it must still be at the same temperature as before

Ah I totally understand.
thank you so much!