mRNA question Medicina 2016

In eukaryotic cells, the primary mRNA transcript (or pre-mRNA): A) can be immediately
translated into protein B) is produced by DNA polymerase C)
contains both introns and exons D) can exit the
nucleus as soon as it has been
synthesized E) is present in the cytoplasm

Aren’t both C and E true?

no it is only c and the D is not correct because pre mRNA is synthesized in nucleas and when pre mRNA gets mature to mRNA then it can leave the nucleas and go to cytoplasm.

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Only C is true. Pre mRNA OR hnRNA has to undergo splicing capping and tailing before exiting the nucleus. It’s synthesized in the NUCLEUS. After maturation it leaves the Nucleus for further translation.

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this is bacteria no ? they don’t have premrna processing . it just gets translated as is .

it’s written eukaryotic cell. Bacterias are prokaryotic.