My high school marks are not great

I got 67% in high school.M from Pakistan. I want to appear in imat exam .Now I live in Italy Can I appear If yes which documents are required from Pakistan. I have permanent soggiorno. Tell me about documents and all expenses.

Hey! Welcome to the community.

It’d be wisest to first start by reading our IMAT guides on the website here, then asking for specific questions relating to your case. I’d suggest starting with the Ultimate Guide and skimming through the rest of the relevant articles.

Happy reading, let me know if you have any more questions!

Hey, Glad to see ya!
I’m a fellow Pakistani taking the IMAT this year.
Basically your High School Grades aren’t really important but they become a hurdle when you’re applying for the Visa. However, as you’ve mentioned, you already live in Italy so it won’t be a problem.
Here I’m mentioning the documents you need to process Pre-enrolment and IMAT from Pakistan:

  1. Secondary School Certificate ( Attested from IBCC & then Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  2. Higher Secondary School Certificate with minimum of 60% marks ( Attested from IBCC & then Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  3. Translations of both of the Certificates in Italian.
  4. IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 band I think.
  5. Also you’ll need a Family Registration Certificate from NADRA for Visa & Scholarship.
  6. A Bank statement of past 6 months before Visa Interview of app. 7000 Euros.
  7. A Passport obviously.
  8. A Domicile Certificate.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.