Name order & entrance into the test center

Hi guys,

I hope someone who has dealt with this in the past exam, esp. ones who familiar with the name order of Asian people, could help me with this because I’m really freak out due to the lack of communication from university

So my given name is Huong, and my middle name is Thu. As a result, when I registered my account on Universitaly, I input my name as “Huong Thu”. I finished my IMAT exam registeration yesterday with the receipt (which I’ll have to show as part of entrance to the exam), shows my full name as “Pham Huong Thu” (Pham is the surname).

Now in my passport, the full name is shown as “Pham Thu Huong”, as that’s the exact order in Vietnamese naming convention.

I know I could have my name change on Universitaly Portal now, but it won’t change the name that has been issued on the receipt.

I’m unsure if this mismatch in name order would impact anything. It’d be a nightmare to not allow to get into the exam room for this silly reason.

Appreciate your input!

hello! nothing to worry about everyone’s names are written backwards in the ricevuta paper. mine is also my surname then my name :slight_smile:

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