Nervous system (CNS)

It is correct to say that in the spinal cord

A) the Schwann cells wrap around the neuronal cell body
B) the white substance is formed largely by neural cell bodies of neurons
C) the dorsal horns of gray matter contain neural cell bodies
D) there are no meningeal linings
E) the oligodendrocytes form the myelin sheath of the axons

In my opinion, both C and E are correct. Can anyone give me explanation on why C is wrong?

I agree with you, I think both C and E are correct! Did the answer specifically say only one option is correct?

Yes this is from test di medicina and the answer key says it’s E

hmm weird, can you post the actual question in Italian? maybe there’s some translation problem going on

nevermind I actually managed to find the question and option C says “the dorsal horns of gray matter contain cell bodies of MOTOR neurons” - this is incorrect because the dorsal horns contain sensory neurons, not motor neurons :slight_smile: so the answer is indeed just E!

Oh it is indeed a mistranslation then. For me the translation says neural cell bodies. Thank you very much

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Irrespective of which kind of nerves we are talking about, there is no neuronal cell bodies in the dorsal horn. The dorsal horn is the location of the axons terminals of the afferent nerve fibers (sensory type - as mentioned in a reply). Therefore C is incorrect.

On the contrary, you can find neuronal cell bodies of interneurons toward the middle of the gray matter which synapses with those axon terminals.

Interneurons themselves synapses with cell bodies of the motorneurons in the ventral horn.

E is correct. But remember, this task is carried out by the Schwann cells in the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) and not by the oligodendrocytes which operate in the CNS. :zap:


Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation

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