non-EU asking about foundation years in italy

I saw a post here talking about how a foundation year will count me as a non-EU, so how can we apply to them and what are they like? (asking again because no one answered the first time)


I think it’s a bit too late to join one at this point

i was asking for the next year

A foundation year, if you are in Italy for 12 months, should consider you EU for IMAT 2025

how is the application process?

a foundation year is normally a year for students who did 11 years of high school. but you can also enroll in a foundation year to learn Italian and study tolc or imat exams.
you should check the enrollment processes by the university’s own pages.
yes if you stay in Italy for 12 months for a study program, most universities will consider you as EU. you should still clarify this with the unis you want to apply to.
the applications are already over so by the time you enter foundation year, you will be doing imat 2025