Number sequence logic question

Correctly complete the following numerical sequence:

47 ; 70 ; 101 ; ? ; ? ; 133 ; 111 ; 134

Hi! the answer is 79 ; 102
Does anyone understand the pattern here?


Hello, yes but this might be a bit messy so, sorry in advance if it confuses you or anyone else

Basically, there are multiple patterns here, if you look closely you will see every term having a connection with the term 2 times away from it
what this means is that 101 has a connection with 133, it is 101+32 that gives you 133
you can induce form this that 47 and the first question mark also have a connection pattern which is 47+32 and you will be right
furthermore, 70+ 32 will also give you the answer for the second question mark
you can notice that every connection is being drawn to the term after it by 2

we can also predict the rest of this whole numerical sequence like 133+32 will give us 165 which will be written after the last term

having doubt? check:
79+32 should give us the 7th term and 79+32 is in fact 111 which is the 7th term
you might have been able to solve this differently using geometric or algebraic seuqences but i tried it and did not work with me so i had to solve it by logic and not math where i drew my own connection and pattern

have a nice day :")

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