On TSA lessons from Entermed course

hi. Ive watched all the TSA videos by Cole and have been solving the daily TSAs.
I have found the lessons to be very useful in solving critical thinking questions but not further.
There are some math type questions in the Critical thinking sections and the course does not equip us with the right skill sets for solving math types questions.
I hope Ari will come up with a solution for this problem. All we really need is the right skill sets.
There are some techniques used in exams like SAT but we need one for IMAT.
Thank you.

Hey! I am happy you liked Cole’s videos! The problem-solving part of the course will be released this year! However, it’s important to note that the main way to study for problem-solving is to practice as many questions as possible. It’s quite challenging to teach a student spatial recognition, for example, as it is a skill you need a lot of time to see improvement.