Organic chemistry

Can anybody explain this paragraph for me ?
@AriHoresh :pray:t2:

Are you interested in everything in the attached piece – actually 3 separate paragraphs – or just one of them? (I just wasn’t sure whether I should be dealing with all of it, or concentrating on one of the paragraphs?)

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I needed a description for all of the paragraphs:( @AriHoresh

The first paragraph simply points out the high degree of thermal stability of C-C and C-H bonds, when compared to most other bonds.

The next points out that Carbon can bond (up to) 4 other chemical entities/moieties, making it quite versatile when ‘building’ molecules. This combination of stability and versatility makes Carbon an excellent choice for building larger molecules. It also notes that this is why many postulates that – if we find extraterrestrial life – it will be likely Carbon-based (even if dissimilar to Earthly life, in other ways).

The last paragraph shows two of the major ways of ‘building’ with Carbon. (1) Making long ‘chains’ out of Carbon; and (2) making ‘rings’ out of Carbon, and then putting those rings together in other ways.

Source: LNCJr#0548 from my Discord community