Osmotic and blood pressure

which of the following results would be observed is the osmotic pressure and blood pressure were the same in the venules?
A. co2 and wastes would not diffuse into the vessels
B. nutrient and oxygen diffusion would increase
C. no diffusion would occur
D. nutrient diffusion would decrease
E. the concentration in the capillaries would rise


The osmotic pressure is the pressure a solution must exert to prevent the solvent from coming inside the solution through a semi-permeable membrane. Osmotic pressure increases with increasing the solute concentration.

If blood pressure and osmotic pressure in the cell are the same, we basically have a cell in an isotonic solution. This means that the cells which respire aerobically and have a lot of CO2 and wastes (ex. water) cannot get rid of them, because the pressure of the surrounding is equal. Thus, A is the correct answer.

(We should always have lower pressure in venules to allow CO2 and H2O to diffuse out of the cells, where the pressure is higher)