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Is it true that classes for first semester are online in parma? And i want to ask that is there a deadline for document submission in university after enrollment?

Parma typically has mandatory attendance. First semester last year there was no mandatory attendance and they uploaded lecture recordings (depending on the professor you might be able to join the virtual lesson). But from what I understand they are usually a 75% minimum attendance rule, and it was enforced strictly second semester.

Usually, after enrolment, you have a few weeks to submit your documents, again, I was first class so they were a bit more forgiving as everything was new. But you should have a few weeks maybe.


And our clsses will also be held in piacenza?

Yes everything (classes hospital and electives - electives for our course) is in piacenza

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Hi, this is reallyy important
Does the University of Parma(medicine course in English) accept the statement of comparability instead of the DOV? Or does it require both?
And if they accept the statement of comparability instead of the DOV then is the statement of verification also required? @ColeF1

Please reply as soon as possible🙂

I think you should mail and confirm from the university. They are pretty fast in replying mails

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Apologies for not answering, You do not need both. I think it should be either or, but the DOV is preferable. It also needs to be translated into Italian unless otherwise stated on their website (in the call to applicants). I am unfamiliar with the statement of verification. In my experience, the safest option is to immediately apply for a DOV as they can take some time depending on where the Italian embassy is (in the country you live).

Again, all the info should be on the call to applicants, if you send the university an email asking your question and for a copy of this call to applicants, it will be the safest option.

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No worries, thanks for replying!
I applied for CIMEA instead of the DOV because the Italian embassy where I live wasn’t cooperating very well.

I checked the university’s website but I couldn’t find the call to applicants forum
And yes I actually emailed them about my question but didn’t receive a clear answer about the statement of verification.
I’ll email them again though

Here is something worth checking


How much time parma university give to submit DOV? And when will theyy release the ranking?

Last year had a lot of extensions due to covid. At this point in time, you should start your DOV asap. I think you should have at least two weeks but it really depends because this year will be different. With that being said, different countries have different embassies, so as long as you have started and can show progress, i do not think it will impede enrolment as long as you pay first and get it in a timely manner.

Forgot to add about the ranking. I am not completely sure but last year it was around first week of October when people found out. Usually they release more info every week, first being the scores without names, then with your name, then they make the uni rankings, and then after that the unis make their list and you have to decide. Keep an eye out on the parma website for this, especially as a non eu

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Yes i have already started the process.

Alright then you should be alright, normally it can take about a month but you have started early enough that it should be an issue

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