Photosynthesis question

Which of the following molecules can be produced in a photosynthetic cell in the absence of light?

hello! is the answer A or C?

Hey! The answers says it’s B which I find kind of surprising, when I did the test i chose A as answer. It is from Test di Medicina 2014

These are respiratory products. Sure Glucose is the substrate which won’t be formed if no sunlight is available but imo considering that Glucose is available these products can surely be synthesized without sunlight.

FADH2- Krebs
NADH2- Glycolysis Krebs and Link

Would you have considered glucose to be formed if you were solving the question in an exam? (Supposing you did not know the answer)

It says NADP+, not NAD+ meaning that it is a photosynthetic product, hence it shouldn’t be a correct option?


NADP+ is produced in the Calvin Cycle of the dark reactions of the photosynthesis.

We don’t have molecules named NADH2.

NADH and FADH2 are also produced under fatty acid beta-oxidation reactions.

More info:
NAD+ is produced under the processes of the electron transport chain, alfa-oxidation of fatty acids and fermentation of pyruvic acid to ethanol in plants. :four_leaf_clover: