Physics impulse question

can someone explain both 36 and 37


does the question have any additional information?

for 36. the impulse momentum should be equal to the area under the curve
impulse momentum = F * change t = area under the curve
= 4 * 1 + 2 * 2 + (2 * 2)/2 = 10N
not sure how to calculate average impulse

for 37. momentum = impulse momentum
so we should find the same result as for 36.

unfortunately, there is not extra information but the answer key states 45 :frowning:

i asked chatgpt, to find the average impulse momentum you need to the the integral of the area under the curve, and integrals aren’t on the imat syllabus so we won’t have a question like this on the exam

oh right! thanks for the explanation
and also i believe integral is already means the area itself but i don’t think this would get asked in the exam

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