Physics (velocity, displacment….)

  1. A ball rolls at a constant speed of 4meters/minute.
    What is the distance that the ball will pass during the fourth minute?


  1. A person runs in a circular track for 10 minutes.
    The runners constant speed is 2 meters/ second , and hge runs exactly 1 round
    What is his displacement ?

Answer =0 meters

  1. What is the average velocity of a person walking in a straight line for 1m for 10sec, and then another 2m for 5 sec



Do you want the explanation for these questions or are you just stating them because the answers are attached under them so I got confused :sweat_smile:

Hi, I’m asking for help, i wrote the answers because last i was asked for the right answer for them to make sure their explanation is right🙌🏻