Pre-Enrollment (Change name request)

Hello everyone! I was trying to pre-enroll but I’m not sure whether to proceed with the application i filled out because I couldn’t change my name. Basically the pre-enrollment form said that I should input my name “as per passport”. I can’t change it at the moment and have contacted the tech team at Universitaly since last July but they haven’t changed it yet.

Any advice or help will be appreciated since I plan to take the IMAT this October too :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:!

You need to message Universitaly again asap to fix this problem, or else there may be a problem with your application/enrolment etc. Go on universitaly and scroll to the very bottom where there are quick links, and click ‘Universitaly Website Support’ or ‘IMAT Website Support’ (depending on your exact problem) and start a ‘support request’. Under gravity and urgency make sure to click ‘critical’ and ‘urgent’, so that they will answer you quickly. Make sure to tell them very clearly what you want them to change for you, and also make sure to attach a picture of your passport because they will inevitably ask for it (and it might delay things even more if you don’t provide it upfront).

I had a problem with some of my personal details too that I couldn’t edit, and they fixed everything within just 24 hours when I followed these steps and marked the request as critical and urgent.

Hope this helps and I hope you manage to get everything sorted out before the exam!

Hello! Thanks for your reply! I actually followed this and made a request last July but i logged in again recently and it’s still unchanged, so i sent a follow up but this is the only response i got so far :frowning:

oh no, that’s so strange! it’s been so long that you start to wonder whether they completely lost your request since then :sweat_smile:

I know you’ve already followed up but perhaps you could submit another request altogether anyway? maybe you could try submitting it as a ‘fault’ or a ‘clarification’ instead of a request and explaining your situation, maybe it reaches someone else this time? :crossed_fingers:

hi again! i just received some good news this morning and fortunately they were able to make the change after submitting a new request. Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

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that’s so great to hear! I’m so glad you managed to get everything sorted out :hugs:

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