Pre enrollment step c enquiry

Hey there , i wish to apply to bologna. I want to know that do I require to have ielts certificate (my school education medium was in English for 12 years ) for pre enrollment . Also do i need to upload italian translated highschool diploma or the original ones ( its in english ) is just as fine?

Hi! Firstly, welcome to the community! :hugs:

I want to start by saying this information is based off of quick research, so it might not be completely accurate.

So- to my knowledge Bologna should not require an ILETS certificate. On their website they state “English language knowledge and skills at B2 level or higher are assessed during the admission test.” The admission test being the IMAT. Moreover, if you’ve completed your entire school education in English, I’m almost certain you would not need to prove your English certifications. Unless the Italian Embassy in your country specifies that it is needed, I’d recommend sending both the Embassy and University an email to clear this issue up.

The emails for Bologna for these questions should be: OR

For the second part of your question, that completely depends on the Italian Embassy in your country. I know of some people that had to get their documents translated into Italian in some countries, and other who do not need to. For example, here in Sudan- submitting my documents in English is perfectly fine. So if your embassy has specified that translation is necessary, then you’ll know. This information is usually listed on their websites, or as I’ve mentioned you could clear this up with them via email or on the phone.

If you’d like to specify where you’d be applying from, I’m sure people who have more knowledge to detail about your countries requirements could elaborate better.

I hope this helps!

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