Pre-enrolment - Step C

Hi guys, in step C of pre-enrolment, where I have to upload my school records, I don’t know how to classify them (on the right) nor what to write in the space below. Could someone help me? (in this case it’s for Bologna).

I recommend you to get all of your school records, take them to ministry of foreign affairs + translate them (by the list of translators authorised by your embassy) + Italian embassy in your region and get Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di Valore), then upload that on Universitaly.

Check out this page: IMAT Application for Non-EU Students: A Step-by-Step Guide, in Step 1, preparing your documents. :smile:

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Hi winter, thank you for answering. I sent an email to the university of Bologna and they said that only the high school certificate is fine, even without the translations. In that case, it would be classified as final diploma right? I’ve already asked them that but still haven’t gotten an answer.

Hi Mari, just to follow up… Was you able to upload using your original diploma? (non-Italian)? Thanks!

Hi Huong, I’ve uploaded my high and middle school diploma, transcripts and the translations because they were taking too long to reply. When they replied, they said that only the High School diploma is fine, even though here in Brazil High School lasts 3 years instead of 4 (as I’ve told them) and that I could categorize it as “final diploma”.