Pressure of gases

Do all the gases exert the same type of pressure on walls of container?

But Pressure= Force/ Area

if force is greater then pressure should be greater too, right?

if the temperature increases, the pressure will increase due to the particles gaining more energy, so they exert more force per unit area of the container. There in the explanation it says the temperature remains the same, so the pressure remains the same.


yes but if there is the same temperature and pressure which gas will exert more force heavier one or lighter one
Doesn’t a heavier one exert more force because it is heavy?:thinking::no_mouth:

actually a lighter one would have more speed because it takes less energy to move the particles. sort of how a light ping pong ball would fly faster in the air than when you throw a bowling ball with the same force. Does this make sense? :))


yes totally makes sense because of example :raised_hands::smile: