Private Universities Entrance Exams

I was wondering if anyone knows any materials or books to use for studying for the entrance exam of the University of Cattolica and University of San Raffaele medicine and surgery course?

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Hey! Can you share with us some examples of their syllabus and past papers? And I will look into it

Cattolica Exam Topics.pdf (528.3 KB)

Cattolica Logic Questions.pdf (593.7 KB)

I couldn’t find any information for San Raffaele. I tried looking for past papers but i couldn’t find anything. All i know is that the test for San Raffaele consists of 60 questions in English, 36 of which are logical and problem-solving, and 24 from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. I also found a sample question for Cattolica entrance exam, but the file is too big to be uploaded here.