Problem solving

can you explain why the answer is A here??
when i answered it i got 2 since every 4 rotates of pulley A is gonna rotate pully c one time because the cross of c is 4 times more than that of A??

Where did you take the test from?

hi. these are from TSA exams you should take their exams they are really helpful.

just one more thing and i am sorry if i am being dumb but i dont understand why 8 turn in A/D gives us 1 in C??

tho its cross in 1 and c is 4 so it requires 4 turn for A to get one turn in C. that’s how i thoght of it. i know its wrong but can u tell me how u thought of it and why mine is wrong??

I will practice them :slight_smile: thanks !
You’re not dumb at all!
Because C is 4 times bigger than A and D, and also the distance between C and a is four times more than the distance between C and d.