Problem solving

Hey can someone explain pls. The answer is e

A publisher produces magazines, all of which have a number of pages which is a multiple of 32. Thus, a magazine can have 32, 64, 96… pages. The front cover is always counted as page 1.

The centre spread of the magazine could have pages numbered

A15 and 16.

B30 and 31

C50 and 51

D63 and 64

E96 and 97

The center pages would be even on the left and odd on the right
So we can eliminate options A) and D).
if 32 pages: 32/2=16, the center pages would be 16-17
if 64 pages: 64/2=32, the center pages would be 32-33
we keep going with the next multiples until we find one that is one of the solutions given
if 192 pages: 192/2=96, the center pages would be 96-97.

Hope this helps!

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