Problem solving

Solution please?

@Walina Hey!
If we consider the number of each chocolate as X, we can say that the totall number of chocolates is 4X.
1red , 1blue , 1green , 1yellow (types)
Xred ,Xblue, Xgreen, Xyellow (numbers)
They are passed six times.
J:always picks 3 red
P:always picks 1 of each type.(1red,1blue,1green,1yellow)
J:always picks 1 yellow
Me:always picks 2 greens.
So we can conclude that the number of red type that are passed is 6×3+6×1=24
And the number of blue types that are passed is 6×1=6 and the number of passed green types is 6×2+6×1=18 and the number of yellow type is 6×2=12 . so they are totally 60.
We know that half of the remaining ones are blue and also we considered the totall number of chocolates as 4X , so:
4X=60+2(x-6) -->x=24


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