Query about pre enrollment

I had a specific question about pre enrollment, which I did mail to the Italian consulate in my country. Later, I found in their consulate’s site that they mentioned to ask pre enrollment queries to the university itself.
I found two mail id’s of University of Parma- my email did not successfully send to ‘protocollo@unipr.it’ and ‘urp@unipr.it’ has not replied yet. Is there any other mail id or way for me to clear my doubts? ( @ColeF1 )

Also clarification about pre evaluation in the university of parma site for all the Masters course in english, does that include Medicine and Surgery?

I am not sure about those two emails, however, I will ask my course administration if they can send me an email you can use to ask any questions. I will get back to you as soon as I hear back.

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Thank you for that. Also is pre-evaluation mandatory for medicine and surgery non eu students on the uni parma site?

"Prospective students can send their inquiries to admissions@unipr.it

Please note that the call for applications 2022-23 is not ready yet because national universities are waiting for the Italian ministry of education decree based on which the admission requirements are drawn."

Here it is possible to fill in the pre-evalution request form for those who already have a higher education diploma or academic qualification:


Not sure what you meant by pre-evaluation. If there is a pre-enrollment then it will be announced in the call to applicants. It varies at different universities and since Parma is so new they might change it. Usually pre-enrollment is only non-eu but there are some exceptions.

Also note that Parma currently does require translations of any documents to Italian (like declaration of values and high school diploma, even if the originals are English)

Thanks again for the email, i have sent them my query.
a) I mentioned pre evaluation because of it being mentioned in-
NON-EU NATIONALS - ENROLMENT PROCEDURES FOR THE A.Y. 2022/2023 | Università degli Studi di Parma (unipr.it)
But i think what is mentioned in that page is it being mandatory for second cycle degree course which ig doesnt include medicine and surgery

b) University of Parma is on the list of unis that accept CIMEA (an alternative for DoV) , but I think I will ensure it by mailing them when they respond.

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