Question 1 from IMAT 2019

Hi, when we face this type of questions, that are obviously very time consuming, what would be the ideal strategy for solving it? Correct me if I am wrong but I haven’t really noticed strategies for problem solving questions on the website. I tried several times to solve this one within 5 minutes but I still didn’t get to an answer.
At the Shawilde Theatre, tickets are priced as follows:
Front stalls £35
Centre stalls £28
Rear stalls £20
Every row in the theatre contains 30 seats.
Last night’s performance was a sell-out and the ticket sales were £21 000. Exactly 60% of this
income came from tickets for the centre stalls, and the rest was split equally between the front
stalls and the rear stalls.
How many rows of seats make up the centre stalls at the Shawilde Theatre?
A 19
B 15
C 22
D 26
E 11

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60% of 21000 = 12600 pounds
12600/28 = 450 seats
450/30 = 15 rows

Try breaking down math problems into several steps, the most helpful strategy in my opinion is doing lots of practice problems to understand the logic behind the questions and get used to common traps

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