Question about IB practice papers

Hi Ari,

I’m not sure if I should practice physics with the standard (easier) level or the higher (much more difficult) level.
I want to use papers that are the closest to IMAT level.
Here are an example of the 2015 IB papers to compare:

IB physics standard level.pdf (251.8 KB)
IB physics higher level.pdf (274.5 KB)

Which is better to use?

Thank you!

Hey! The higher-level question definitely look like the IMAT’s questions, I would use them to practice for the exam.

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As an IB graduate (unfortunately) I would def say go for the higher levels in bio and chem for sure. But regarding physics, the thing about it is that if you check the higher level additional topics you will see some stuff which aren’t in our IMAT syllabus. So just be on the lookout for this so you dont waste time on it. But I also think some things in the standard were not included.