Question regarding number of chromosomes during mitosis

mitosis and meiosis

Hello, i saw this post online and i have question regarding mitosis( for Somatic cells part in the picture)
at the end of mitosis we obtain 2 cells each with 46 chromosomes(2n) and each chromosome consist of 1 chromatid(1C)(it’s written in the post 2C) and at the end of G2 phase we have 46 chromsomes(2n) and each chromosome consist of 2 chromatid(2C)(it’s written 4C in the post)
So is this picture wrong?

no. the post is quite accurate.
C doesn’t refer to Chromatid as you are trying to make out. It’s the Chromosomal material that it refers to.

In g1 chromosomal material is 2c and the chromatids is 2n.
after s phase, chromatids double and thus chromosomal material doubles but number of chromosomes remains the same.