Quick beam question


For a beam on 2 supports when do we need to consider the momentum of the middle point?
When the pivots are not at equal distance from one another?
When the length of the beam is not distributed equally on the two pivots?


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hey! I think that when you have 2 supports you can use both ways. I personally prefer to calculate moments around a single support because (generally) the options between force A (1 support) and force B (the other support) are different. So we only need to find 1 force to get to the answer (I mean, it’s faster this way). The difference, of course, is that you have to find all the moments around a single support and use the same principle as always: clockwise moments = anticlockwise moments. That way, by calculating moments around a support, you find the force of the other support. Hope this is clear :pleading_face: