Reactiin kinetics

Can someone please explain the 13 question?

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Rate reaction reduce because collision fewer (Reagents are consumed)

You must write the reaction
Then calculate mol of HCl 100×10^-6 /10×10^-3 =0.01mol HCl
So HCl is limiter

Answer is B

Hi! The answer is B?
Typically, reaction rates decrease over time because reactant concentrations decrease as reactants are converted to products.
If we calculate the mole of CaCO3: 4/100 moles,
And if we calculate the mole of HCl: 0.01moles → 0.01/2=0.005,
We will realize that HCl is the limiting reactent. Hence, the reaction stops because HCl is used up.

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Yes B is the e answer. Thanks

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