Reactivity series (BMAT 2012 : No.18)

Vanadium is a metal that lies just above zinc in the reactivity series.
Which one of the following could not be used to obtain the metal from its ore?
A electrolysis of the molten chloride
B heating of the chloride with metallic sodium
C heating the oxide with metallic aluminium
D treating a solution of vanadium sulfate with metallic iron
E treating a solution of vanadium chloride with metallic magnesium

sodium, Mg and Al are all above vanadium in the reactivity series so can be used to get vanadium from it’s ore
Electrolysis will also yield vanadium from it’s chloride
However, iron is below vanadium in the series as it’s below zinc so, this tells us that iron can’t be used to release vanadium from it’s ore.
hope it helps.