Redox Reaction in Basic Solution

I need to write a balanced half reaction for PO4 3- that becomes P2O3 in basic solution but my water and OH count is really off. Could someone help me out by explaining how they solved this? Thank you!

Okay so remember it’s slightly different in basic solutions these are the steps. THE FOURTH STEP is what’s different and that fourth step is added because it is in a basic solution.

  1. Balance elements other than H and O
  2. Add H2O to balance oxygen atams
  3. Add H+ ions to balance H atoms.
  4. Add the appropriate number of OH− to NEUTRALIZE all H+ added (which become water molecules on the opposite side of the reaction)
  5. make electrons on both sides equal, if not multiply by the lowest common multiple.

Hey Romie!

Here is my solution, hope it will be a little helpful too:)

PS: apologies for the scribbly wibbly


Thank you so much to both of you! Looks like I was just balancing the water for 4 oxygens instead of 8