SAT math topics

Hello Ari

I have learnt topics triangles and circles from my cgp book but not circumference and area of circle and not perimeter and area of triangle

These pages are part of topic circles and triangles in SAT maths book

Should I learn whole topic (topic: triangles and topic circles) from SAT book again or just the pages I don’t know from these chapters?


I don’t know if this information is much help to you, but I got this IMAT book and perimeters, areas and circumferences of triangle, circle etc were included for the maths part. My personal advice is if you are not very confident on these topics and if you have the time, it might not be a bad idea to have a look over those chapters :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for your help :slight_smile:

@esther1999 I can confirm Diana’s answer!

Yes it’s part of syllabus and wasn’t in my cgp book
So I will look over it :slight_smile: