Scholarship application to Rome La Sapienza

I am a non-EU student from Turkey. I completed my pre-enrollment procedure for Rome La Sapienza University and I have a few questions regarding the scholarship application. I am attaching the photos of the parts that I am struggling with. Firstly, for the domicile is or will be assumed part what should I choose? Does free of charge means that I want to stay somewhere free of charge like a dormitory or does it mean I already have a house in there and I am saying I am not going to pay for staying for example. Can someone please clarify it for me? Secondly, in the degree course part, there are so many options, which one do I need to choose? I will take English taught medicine and surgery program. On my pre-enrollment page, it only says policlinoco umberto 1. So which one is fitting for these? Can you please help me to choose the right one because there are few with the same name? Lastly, the last step requires a residency permit which I do not have. What should I upload to that part? Can I pass it without uploading something since I am a non-EU student and I am residing abroad? 20th of July is the last day for application and getting the scholarship is really crucial for me so I would be really appreciated it if anyone can help me to submit my scholarship application.