Study Planner - the most effective technique

I have already started studying by the planner about a month ago - is it better to first study biology following the planner, for like month and a half or so, and then chemistry, or is it possible (and recommendable) to combine - one week bio, one week chemistry? If I first do bio, and then chemistry, during these two month of doing chemistry, should I review bio also? Thanks!

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Hey! Personally I love studying everything at the same time because it helps me make a connection and see how different subjects usually interconnect. Creating these connections allows me to understand and remember the material better.

Me as well. That’s why I was confused to see that in the planner I start with Chemistry after Biology. So do you suggest then basically studying one chapter of bio and one of chemistry a day, etc.? Thanks, Ari!

Hey! I suggest trying both and reflecting on your efficiency by challenging yourself with some self-assessment questions you can write while studying using the material. See which technique allows you to recall more answers correctly, and stick with it for the next few months until I will elaborate more in the course system itself about efficient study techniques.

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I am a bit confused now

Should I study biology and chemistry over next 2 months OR just maths and physics?

Or biology with chemistry and maths?

Many thanks

Esther Whitaker

Math and physics, and start with bio and chemistry in couple of months.

Oh ok thanks for your help :slight_smile: