Temperature and rate of reaction

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Can someone please explain me whether the increase in temperature can increase the rate of collision energy only or both the probability the successful geometrical orientation and collision energy?

Because for a successful chemical reaction to take place, we are informed that particles need to have both sufficient energy and proper geometrical orientation. What I am confused is that will increasing temperature give the particles more chance to have proper collision with great geometrical collision or not? I think I have seen a question like this before :((. But I cannot find it again :((

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Hey! Temperature is by definition the kinetic energy of the molecules, so by increasing the temperature we typically increase the probability of collision (more collision per point in time because of the speed. Another important idea is that when we increase the kinetic energy we also have a greater proprtion of molecules with the minimum energy necessary for an effective collision.


Hey Ari! Thank you very much for your explanation! :heart:

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