Tetanus and immunity

Hey guys! I was reading the Cambridge A level book and I am a little confused. Does Tetanus vaccine provide a combination of active and passive immunity or just passive immunity?

I used to think that the type of vaccination for this disease is called artificial active immunity. But this is what i found online.
It’s a combined active-passive immunization with tetanus toxoid and 50 units TIGH(tetanus immune globulin (human)) i think we do not need to know this stuff for IMAT gives a low level of passive immunity and stimulates early onset of active immunization.
In combined active-passive immunization, adsorbed tetanus toxoid produced a significantly higher response than the fluid toxoid.
Hope this helps!


thanks so much! I agree, we definitely don’t need much of this information. but since it mentioned in Cambridge, thought I should look into it. thanks again

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