The Ultimate IMAT Guide (650 Practice Questions) book by UniAdmissions


While I am preparing for the IMAT this year, is it beneficial to buy the book The Ultimate IMAT Guide (650 Practice Questions) by UniAdmissions to get more practice? Or are there any other good practice materials besides the IMAT and BMAT past papers?

Thank you very much for any suggestions beforehand.



Not really! I had this book and there are mistakes in it and some of the solutions are difficult to understand. Currently on the website we are uploading the solutions to all past papers, so you would not need to book for any solutions. That book has repeating imat and bmat problems (of course some original but not as much as you think).

Alternative Practice:
For sciences, try finding IB past papers, just skip irrelevant questions (should be obvious). For logical reasoning, try using the TSA test, another Cambridge test on logical and reasoning.

Medify’s BMAT bank - mostly bmat related practice but also very similar to imat. Cheaper compared to IMAT specific banks and very professionally made.
Testbusters online question bank (not sure if worth but made for imat)